Introductory blog – Michele Ashby artist

Introductory blog – Michele Ashby artist

Escape through art and how it all began with Bobby…

In a world where words and text constantly bombard our brains - online, on television, through social media, advertisements and mobile phones, how can we listen and react to so much information? This is why art is good for us! It's an escape route; It can mean different things to different people and requires a different type of listening. Art is a visual conversation and like literature, dance or music, art engulfs the artist and the audience who lose themselves in the emotional atmosphere of the picture or prose. It allows us to use our own imagination therapeutically within the beauty, rhythm or mood of the composition.

Today as I post my first blog, I want to share some exciting 'hot off the press' news... I am thrilled to announce that my painting '32A' has been selected among 100 pieces by the prestigious Mall Galleries, London to be included in the Pastels Society 118th Annual Exhibition 2017. The exhibition runs from the 21st February - 4th March.

This comes as I celebrate 6 months of launching my career as a solo artist, (although I have been drawing for as long as I can remember!) I am often taken back to my childhood and the excitement of visiting my Grandad's house where I would eagerly await the pencils and paper he would produce from the goody cupboard! I have always loved to draw, seeking inspiration from the world around me and in particular with the way light and shadow dance on my subject.

My lifelong passion for art has brought me to where I am now and I am excited about what opportunities lay ahead. I look forward to sharing my artist adventures with you through my regular blog posts and hope to meet more of you in the coming year.

I certainly have Bobby my little labradoodle to thank for providing the inspiration for the birth of my initial drawing page on Facebook - Michele's Pet Pawtraits – which marked the start of my career as an independent artist. If you would like to read about Bobby and my journey so far please take a look at

I am always overwhelmed by the emotional reaction from recipients of my Pawtrait commissions and it's wonderful being able to bring so much joy by doing something I love.

Thank you for reading 

Michele x

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